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I did my first boot camp session last night, and completed it! I had no idea that I had that in me. The thought of even just running around a track? NAH, not me – I get winded running for the bus! In fact, I spent the hour before worrying and fretting, and, honestly? having a little tantrum. Never having done it before, I was pretty afraid of what my body might do (or not do) to me.

But I did it, with the support and encouragement of the others (we all have our strengths and weaknesses – really! I’m not the only one who sstruggles!) and a great instructor. He kicked ass AND was super encouraging and supportive.

With the same trainer I’ve also started a weekly workout in the gym which is a beginner routine, achievable, but challenging. I like it. I even like these achey muscle… they’re kinda like a badge of honour. Yes, it takes me an extra few seconds to sit down and get up today… you know why?? ’cause I did something I never thought I could – I did Boot Camp! :)


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This past weekend, May 3 & 4, my new things were ALL ABOUT ME!! yippee, fun, fun, fun. la, la, la…. A fabulous shopping day and new haircut and colour in the salon, all to get ready for a wedding next weekend (not mine!). It was a luxuriously pampering-filled weekend. (well, also a sit on ass, drink beer, and watch copious amounts of CSI weekend, which is a kind of pampering in its own right. but with lots of dead bodies.)

I had a plan to write up a post all ’bout my experiences with all shopping and pampering stuff. I’m not normally a girlie-girl. Shopping and visits to the salon are not regular fare for me. There were a few revelations, and I enjoyed them, for many reasons. ONLY… my new thing today has overshadowed the joy and lah-di-dahs.

Tonight I worked out my personal budget. [cue oboe]

(Much like using the word diet to describe the eating habits of the three-toed sloth rather than its elaborate plan to fit into new jeans this bikini season, this budget is a record of what was actually spend and brought in during the course of one month.)

Sobering is not just for the day after beer anymore…
I’ve heard from a number of friends about “‘Til Debt Do Us Part” and I checked out a couple of episodes online, and http://www.gailvazoxlade.com, the host’s website. I love that she says “Frikkin right!” and gives the uber-fab tough love, combined with knowledge and caring support in the face of this emotionally charged subject. The site has lots of great tools for clearly figuring out exactly where you stand. (ooh! that was a pun – totally not intended, but always welcome.)

I’m looking forward to tackling my own financial issues this weekend, and getting things in order.

And, of course, showing off last weekend’s new hair and dress!

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I’ve been inspired by a few bloggers recently. Well, to say “a few” is really doing the whole internet an injustice. And we all know that internet-thing is sooo concerned about its reputation.

Since joining twitter.com (@textrix) after reading a fantastic post by Penelope Trunk, “A Whole New World” has been the earworm swimming in my head. (hey, take that back – The Little Mermaid is one of my favourite Disney movies! and not just ’cause I’m 1/4 Danish, or worked for a birthday party company in the nineties, and the soundtrack cassette was played over and over until is warped. Which sounds hilarious, by the way. )[ED – ok, I wrote this in a text file earlier today, and on my way home had the “slap the forehead” moment. DUH, A Whole New World is from Aladin. Not my favourite Disney movie, but still apropos. So there.]

Seeing what these wonderful people are writing about, and the ideas and personal messages that they are sharing, well, that reminds me that we are all so much the same, yet each of us is unique. (gush gush, pass a tissue… no, really – it truly gets me verklempt.)

Since I’ve been feeling like I’ve just been coasting lately, with lot of maps, but no sense of where I really want to go, I am taking this inspiration and looking inward, by looking outward, and trying new things in this month of May. One new thing a day, in fact! Hence the THIRTY-ONE FLAVOURS OF MAY.

NEW THING TODAY: I FINALLY looked up MrExcel’s website, which I’ve been meaning to check out for AGES… (first saw him on Lab with Leo) I learned some new things, watched a couple podcasts, solved some problems, and am going to go back. Excellent resource!

THING LEARNED: I am a geek who loves to figure out problems, and the myriad of ways to solve them. And there is so much more to “simple” spreadsheet programs. Wicked, I like it when my assumptions are proved more complex below the surface.

See ya tomorrow.

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